I have put the first tentative touches on my fourth novel as Mel Carriere, entitled “Judybrook USA.” While separating outgoing mail into local vs. non-local on my postal route, I noticed a lot of people’s bills were going to a place called Carol Stream Illinois. What the hell – I never heard of Carol Stream. I did a little research, but as yet I have found nothing yet online to indicate they have a bill processing facility in that town.

This mysterious cottage industry sparked my imagination. There was a dystopian feel about it. Are they keeping this dark side of their town a secret, and why? Okay, so I asked myself, what if there is this little American town that looks picture Midwest perfect on the outside but really has an insidious secret behind it.

I have written one chapter, and I am making very cautious brushstrokes on a second. I won’t even call them brushstrokes, how about pencil sketches? I am not going to spend ten years outlining this out like JK Rowling on Harry Potter. The story will uncover itself with my archaeologist’s toothbrush as I go along.

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