Last Day Then Back to the Grind

Quarantine is not exactly conducive to good writing. Yeah I got some stuff done, but not nearly the volume of work I was expecting. The problem is primarily with Judybrook. The early stages of a novel build up slowly as ideas start to congeal in your head like stars from the interstellar dust cloud. Have […]

Back to Biltbrook, Bad Poetry

I finally got back into Judybrook today, writing about Carlos Barnes first day on the job at Biltbrook. I got up late after a late bedtime, binge watching Fargo on Hulu. Rather addicting, that series. A writer could learn a lot, examining how that series’ creators spin their irresistible web through captivating characters and unpredictable […]

John Prine The Singing Mailman

Just published a piece on John Prine, The Singing Mailman, which is on hub pages. Other than that, it’s really been hard to get motivated, even with all this time on my hands. I believe time is managed better when there is little of it to manage. I keep avoiding necessary tasks, like punching out […]

High Speed Chases

Got up this morning with every intention to write, but wound up compiling an Excel spreadsheet of San Diego County Coronavirus cases. Once I get on a spreadsheet it is impossible to stop. It is like a video game for me. Now my wife and I are watching You Tube videos of high speed chases. […]

Sheltering In Place

Spending the day sheltering in Place, writing a Hub Pages article about the singing mailman, John Prine. I am also cleaning up Gasden Purchase for publication in e-book and paperback form. Amazing how you can edit something three or four times and think it’s clean, but then when you wait a few months and give […]

Judybrook Chapter 3 thoughts 2/08/2020

I decided that in order to draw people in to my little town of Judybrook like lambs to the slaughter I have to engage them with a central character. Not just one they identify with, but one I can relate to too. If I get bored they get bored. Luckily in the shower last night […]

Judybrook Blues

Judybrook USA is proving to be much more slow going than my last two books. I basically am building a town from scratch in a cornfield. I have to stop and research things all the time – for instance, how many acres do you need to build a town? I am now stuck on a […]

New Novel In The Making – Judybrook USA

I have put the first tentative touches on my fourth novel as Mel Carriere, entitled “Judybrook USA.” While separating outgoing mail into local vs. non-local on my postal route, I noticed a lot of people’s bills were going to a place called Carol Stream Illinois. What the hell – I never heard of Carol Stream. […]

Welcome To Mel Carriere’s Website

I am experimenting with a website that will be one stop shopping for all of my written words. Currently I have published material on Hub Pages, and several blogs on Blogspot. I have a novel on Blogspot too, and I am adding a short story site. Basically, I am scattered all over the Internet. I […]