Pretty Pink Pen Part Five

        Photo by Katy Moum on Unsplash: Read Part Four Here:        Here is what caused the naturally graceful Natalie to lose her normally firm footing and strike her head against the sidewalk.        Ross had not disposed of that pretty pink pen as well as he thought. In […]

Pretty Pink Pen Part Four

    Photo by Will on Unsplash: Back to Part Three:   Story by Mel Carriere If done gangland, drive-by style, the physical act of tossing a stylus out the window was not difficult. Still, it felt a little sleazy, a little stalker-like. Ross had already figured out where Natalie lived – not hard to […]

Pretty Pink Pen Part Three

    Photo by Gabriella Clare Marino Back to Part Two:   Story by Mel Carriere As a side gig to mailman, Ross volunteered as a Catholic CCD teacher. On Wednesday nights he gave Catechism classes to bored children, and this volunteer work gave him access to the Parish priests. Most of the time […]

Pretty Pink Pen Part Two

     Image by Pezibear, Pixabay Read Part One here: Written by Mel Carriere If not for the wine, Natalie probably wouldn’t have slept at all that night, but because of the wine, the little bit of sleep she got wasn’t very good. She did manage to stagger into the shower, then clean herself up before […]

Pretty Pink Pen Part One

Image by y shell_ghostcage via Pixabay Written by Mel Carriere      On her 59th birthday, Ross Truman gave Natalie Anderson a pretty pink stylus.       In Ross’s defense, he didn’t know it was her birthday. If he had known, it would have been a very lame gift indeed. She would have been completely justified throwing it back […]

Last Day Then Back to the Grind

Quarantine is not exactly conducive to good writing. Yeah I got some stuff done, but not nearly the volume of work I was expecting. The problem is primarily with Judybrook. The early stages of a novel build up slowly as ideas start to congeal in your head like stars from the interstellar dust cloud. Have […]

Back to Biltbrook, Bad Poetry

I finally got back into Judybrook today, writing about Carlos Barnes first day on the job at Biltbrook. I got up late after a late bedtime, binge watching Fargo on Hulu. Rather addicting, that series. A writer could learn a lot, examining how that series’ creators spin their irresistible web through captivating characters and unpredictable […]

John Prine The Singing Mailman

Just published a piece on John Prine, The Singing Mailman, which is on hub pages. Other than that, it’s really been hard to get motivated, even with all this time on my hands. I believe time is managed better when there is little of it to manage. I keep avoiding necessary tasks, like punching out […]

High Speed Chases

Got up this morning with every intention to write, but wound up compiling an Excel spreadsheet of San Diego County Coronavirus cases. Once I get on a spreadsheet it is impossible to stop. It is like a video game for me. Now my wife and I are watching You Tube videos of high speed chases. […]

Sheltering In Place

Spending the day sheltering in Place, writing a Hub Pages article about the singing mailman, John Prine. I am also cleaning up Gasden Purchase for publication in e-book and paperback form. Amazing how you can edit something three or four times and think it’s clean, but then when you wait a few months and give […]